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This past September, we launched our fourth Sustainability Report, the first such report we have released  as a public company.

Following the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), this report shows how we managed to cut down on our per capita carbon footprint, thereby reducing the environmental impact of our operation.

In addition, this document seeks to emphasize the continuity of the indicators we’ve previously published. After each annual review, we make sure that the materiality of the issues in which Globant has focused are continually strengthened. Over the years, the more data we collect the better we can visualize our management trends.

Finally, this is the first report that includes indicators proposed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) for the technology industry.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sustainability Council



Making the First Sustainability Webinar at Globant!

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by Globant CSR

The plan was to show that Sustainability should not be impersonal and based only on corporate actions. It’s all about thinking and promoting diversity and differentation. Thinking about each person, not only their role, but also their culture and idiosincrasy.

Foto Banner Webinar Sustainability

A special thanks to the two speakers who joined us in this journey: Susana Kolodziejczyk, Senior Manager of Sustainability at NatGeo, and Juan Iramain, Managing Director, Head of Public Affairs, LATAM at Citi.

If you couldn’t be part of this initiative, you can find the Webinar record here.




CSR, Live Ethically, Sustainability

by Globant CSR


We welcome you to our Third Sustainability Report from 2013!





With this report, prepared following the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we seek to simplify the reading by highlighting all the issues of our sustainability framework and detailing the proposed approach, the management model used, the performance achieved during the year and the related indicators.

We believe this new structure provides greater transparency and facilitates the selective reading to each of the audiences for which it was designed.

In terms of content, a larger number of indicators are included, and the focus is placed on the matters that generate the greatest impact and where Globant has a greater influence.

Hope you enjoy it!


Sustainability Council



Globant’s First Sustainability Report

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by Globant CSR

Globant presents its First Sustainability Report from 2011.

This document is a very useful tool that allows the company to tell the community about triple results: Financial, Social and Environmental.

It serves as an internal diagnostic so we can all know where we stand in regards to sustainability. It also allows us to design future plans, programs and actions while showing our stakeholders not only the financial results, but also the social and environmental ones.

This Report was created with our 2011 action plan and was executed adopting the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guides, which are the base of every leader company’s report on a global level.

At Globant, we decided to make sustainability an internal and external strategic pillar. We hope you enjoy it.

Sustainability Council

- English version

- Spanish version


Globant wins the “ACDE-Enrique Shaw” award

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by Globant CSR

The Business Leaders Christian Association (ACDE) awarded Globant for TesteAR,  his social program where Globant aims to educate and train young adults with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in technology and engineering.

It’s a huge honor for us to receive this type of recognition, most of all because of the relevance of the ACDE´s Awards.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers who make this program possible!!!

More info about TesteAR:


Below is the whole list of recognitions:


2012 “Companies including through work”

Big companies category

Integration of persons excluded socioeconomically

First prize:

- “TesteAR” Program – Globant

- “Efficient inclusion Program” – Comau Argentina

Second prize:

- “Obras que Dejan Huella” program –Odebrecht Construction

Special mention:

- “Inclusive Security Program” - Securitas Argentina

SMEs category

Integration of persons with disabilities

First pirze:

- “Sustainable entrepreneurship” – Discapanch



TesteAR was Sadosky Awards finalist!

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by Globant CSR

The Sadosky Foundation recognized Globant and it’s Program “TesteAR”, in the Digital Inclusion Category.

Although we were honored with second place, we are still very proud of our work and happy to be recognized by the Sadosky Foundation. The San Martin University won the first place for their work in the prisons.

Congratulations to all the winners and hats off to the Sadosky Foundation for the event.

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