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Energy Saving Contest – First results!

Think Green

by Globant CSR

There are many ways to contribute to the environment and sustainable development. The Facilities team wants to benefit those employees that save or recycle, so they created a special contest for this year that will give a quarterly prize to those offices that save more electricity in comparison to last year’s consumption.

During the second quarter Globant Resistencia reduced more than 50% their consumption. Congrats Resistencia! But also, every branch office significantly reduced their consumptions, so keep this in mind and go for the 3rd quarter award!


Bikes at Globant!

Think Green

by Globant CSR

Starting this week, every Glober who has to travel from South Park to Laminar can use one of the new Globant’s new bicycles. 

As a part of the promotion to a healthy lifestyle and our commitment with the sustainable mobility, Globant CSR made available three bicycles in South Park branch office, equipped with all safety features.



  1. Ask in security for the key
  2. Sign the terms & conditions
  3. Use it and return it in the same day

Click here to see the bike path which connects South Park to Laminar


Educate yourself on bicycle security

  1. Make sure you lock your bike at designated bike racks
  2. Be alert of your surroundings at all times while riding your bike
  3. Remember to always look both ways when pulling into traffic and at intersections
  4. Remember to share the roads and obey stop signs. Follow biking regulations and stay off sidewalks

Security and safety awareness!


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