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by Globant CSR

During the last months several charity actions were run with the communities where we work in. In June we started the traditional coat drive in every Globant branch office. What was collected during the campaign, was entirely donated to different local organizations.

Globant Brazil participated for the first time, São Paulo’s office collected clothing and shoes in good condition and donated them to charities, hospitals, shelters around the city. Globers also collaborated by donating toys and nonperishable food.

Globant Rosario volunteered with the “Encuentro” Association who helps children from 0 to 4 years old.

During August a “PC’s Garage Sale” Campaign was organized between the employees in Globant Córdoba. The entire fund was donated to Soles Foundation and 180 Foundation.

In Buenos Aires, a group of volunteers have been part of a recreation and educating Journey in the Villa 21, in Barracas neighborhood, with the nonprofit organization “CaacupéONG”.


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