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Globant wins the “ACDE-Enrique Shaw” award

Live Ethically

by Globant CSR

The Business Leaders Christian Association (ACDE) awarded Globant for TesteAR,  his social program where Globant aims to educate and train young adults with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in technology and engineering.

It’s a huge honor for us to receive this type of recognition, most of all because of the relevance of the ACDE´s Awards.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers who make this program possible!!!

More info about TesteAR:


Below is the whole list of recognitions:


2012 “Companies including through work”

Big companies category

Integration of persons excluded socioeconomically

First prize:

- “TesteAR” Program – Globant

- “Efficient inclusion Program” – Comau Argentina

Second prize:

- “Obras que Dejan Huella” program –Odebrecht Construction

Special mention:

- “Inclusive Security Program” - Securitas Argentina

SMEs category

Integration of persons with disabilities

First pirze:

- “Sustainable entrepreneurship” – Discapanch



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