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A social platform to connect schools all over the globe launched at the Vatican. The initiative, promoted by Pope Francis and designed by Globant for free, seeks to link schools from all over the world



A new pro-bono work was launched by Globant today: Scholas.Social, the first online platform which seeks to connect schools from all over the world, regardless of race, color or religion.




The vision that drives the platform is that of uniting all schools around the globe. In addition to becoming a space of encounter, it allows for schools to learn from one another and share the projects that they are working on which require an extra hand, whether it be funding or volunteers. Similarly, it allows eager individuals and activists to identify those schools that could best use their help.




The announcement comes after a soccer match for World Peace held earlier this week, for which Pope Francis personally drafted some of the best soccer players, and a Congress on Education.




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