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Keep Growing!


This past September, we launched our fourth Sustainability Report, the first such report we have released  as a public company.

Following the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), this report shows how we managed to cut down on our per capita carbon footprint, thereby reducing the environmental impact of our operation.

In addition, this document seeks to emphasize the continuity of the indicators we’ve previously published. After each annual review, we make sure that the materiality of the issues in which Globant has focused are continually strengthened. Over the years, the more data we collect the better we can visualize our management trends.

Finally, this is the first report that includes indicators proposed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) for the technology industry.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Globant at Vatican City!

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by Globant CSR

Globant was part of the launch of Scholas Labs, the IT and Education Project Accelerator powered by Pope Francis. This non-profit initiative promotes inclusion through innovation, by building a global classroom oriented toward world peace.


Scholas Labs is open for individuals and startups from around the world who are interested in postulated projects relating to education and technology. A worldwide recognized committee of experts will evaluate each project, and, if selected, will pass through the four-month stage of “acceleration.” The acceleration will include mentoring, funding, visibility, networking, and other tools that will transform the original idea into a concrete solution.




The first project that will be accelerated is “Scholas Citizenship,” developed pro bono by Globant and Line 64. This project will create an online space where high school students can share their thoughts regarding civic and political topics. Its objective is to generate a personal approach to local issues and to allow students to find solutions within their own communities.

See the video:




The “Hour of Code” arrived to Globant!

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by Globant CSR


The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Globant joined this global movement, which has reached tens of millions of students in over 180 countries.


During December, three groups of Globers organized an Hour of Code event in their cities:


  • CÓRDOBA: Maximiliano Ruiz, Andrea Wittouck, Santiago Tamagno, and Nancy Domínguez (Instituto Superior Santo Domingo).
  • CHACO: Facundo Mattof, Verónica Virgona, Cintia Lenkovich, Juan Delfino, Claudia Romero, Pablo Romano, Lucio Poveda, Juan Martín Giménez, Ariel Fernández, and Justo Vargas (Escuela N° 758 Barranqueras).
  • BUENOS AIRES: Sebastián Bassi and Virginia González (Escuela N° 3 “Esteban Echeverría”, D.E. 10).


We want to thank all our volunteers for their passion and we look forward to future Hour of Code events in more cities in 2015.



Join the Globant Teacher’s Club!

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by Globant CSR


During the last quarter of 2014, we launched a pilot program promoting volunteerism between Globers and their communities. Globers shared their expertise with young people and the experience was an awesome one!




The Teacher’s Club in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Resistencia was held during October and November of 2014. Over 50 volunteers signed up to give talks and workshops to young people in their last years of high school.


For 2015, we hope to expand this program to all the cities in which we work!


Making the First Sustainability Webinar at Globant!

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by Globant CSR

The plan was to show that Sustainability should not be impersonal and based only on corporate actions. It’s all about thinking and promoting diversity and differentation. Thinking about each person, not only their role, but also their culture and idiosincrasy.

Foto Banner Webinar Sustainability

A special thanks to the two speakers who joined us in this journey: Susana Kolodziejczyk, Senior Manager of Sustainability at NatGeo, and Juan Iramain, Managing Director, Head of Public Affairs, LATAM at Citi.

If you couldn’t be part of this initiative, you can find the Webinar record here.




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by Globant CSR

A social platform to connect schools all over the globe launched at the Vatican. The initiative, promoted by Pope Francis and designed by Globant for free, seeks to link schools from all over the world



A new pro-bono work was launched by Globant today: Scholas.Social, the first online platform which seeks to connect schools from all over the world, regardless of race, color or religion.




2013: A Sustainable Year in Review


by Globant CSR

As we look back at our achievements in 2013, it’s important to remember the impact Globant has made in the community over the past year. We accomplished a lot in 2013 thanks to contributions from all of our Globers, and we hope to continue improving and making a positive impact on the communities in which we live.

Last April, Globant’s TesteAR initiative was recognized with the Foundations for the Future Award by Nearshore Americas and Nearshore Executive Alliance for its commitment to expanding the pool of IT talent in Latin America to foster economic and social growth in the region. Globant’s TesteAR program, now in its fourth year, strives to narrow the digital gap and bring IT education to underprivileged youth in Argentina, a principle that supports our “Globant Inclusive” pillar of our sustainability strategy.

Recent graduates of TesteAR - Rosario show off their new diplomas.

Recent graduates of TesteAR – Rosario show off their new diplomas.

In May, the Facilities department launched an inter-office competition to reduce energy consumption and support our “Think Green” pillar of our sustainability strategy. Each quarter, the office that saved the most energy compared to that quarter in 2012 received a prize for its energy-saving efforts. Congratulations to Globant Resistencia, which was the office with the greatest reduction in energy consumption in 2013. Overall, Globant reduced its energy consumption by 15%.

Working towards our goal to employ a more diverse workforce, Globant’s People & Recruitment team members participated in a Diversity Management seminar in May 2013. They heard from diversity specialist Delfina Daglio who taught them how to promote the perception, acknowledgement and implementation of diversity here at Globant.

Lifesaving Globers from our offices were among the record number of blood drive participants in 2013.

Lifesaving Globers from our offices were among the record number of blood drive participants in 2013.

To support the “Ready to Help” pillar of our sustainability strategy, nearly 100 employees at 6 different offices donated blood in Globant’s third on-site blood drive last fall. The drive benefitted over 120 children. In June, every Globant office collected clothing, food, winter coats and toys, then donated the items to local organizations.

During the Christmas season, Globers at 12 sites volunteered to provide Christmas gifts to families in need during Globant’s “¡Nochebuena para todos!” drive. Keeping with the “Ready to Help” spirit, groups of employees from several Globant offices also volunteered at local nonprofits and organized to raise money for charitable organizations.

Globers from the Laminar office in Buenos Aires pose with their completed Christmas box full of gifts to be donated to a family in need.

Globers from the Laminar office in Buenos Aires pose with their completed Christmas box full of gifts to be donated to a family in need.

We look forward to continuing to improve and expand our sustainability initiatives as we enter 2014. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please email

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